July 15, 2007


I’m happy with the time (15.97 mph average–1.97 mph over my goal). Overall, I was happy with the ride except that even the most panzy of climbs were like I was riding on a lead bike. After passing this guy while I was cruising at about 18 mph, he drafted me without asking–I let him, but when I slowed down for him to take the lead after a few minutes, he just stayed on my rear wheel–so I pulled off into a parking lot to let him pass (he had bad drafting etiquette). After about a minute, I got back on and quickly caught up to him (but stayed a good 100 feet behind) only to watch him do the same to someone else who passed him.

Tomorrow is a 7 mile “recovery” ride to average between 10-12mph.


Recent Riding

July 15, 2007

It’s been a while, but here is my recent riding (all since I moved to Dallas):

Date: Mileage/Time (hh:mm:ss)

07/04/07: 10/00:44:00

07/05/07: 10/00:42:00

07/07/07: 16/00:70:00

07/09/07: 6 /00:29:30

07/10/07: 12/00:46:25

07/11/07: 10/00:37:30

07/13/07: 10/00:41:32

07/14/07: 30/01:57:15


March 28, 2007

This morning I put in 30 minutes at 80rpm in high gearing to simulate a brisker pace than I would like to do the century. I missed yesterday since I had a bad headache all day.

Todays Ride

March 26, 2007

I put the bruiser (my road bike) on the trainer today due to rain and put in 1/2 hour of about 90 rpm (low resistance) riding. I was attempting to imitate an easy 6 mile ride. Tomorrow I’m aiming for 12 miles, at the pace I want to ride my first century in (whatever that one may be) Listening to Carey Bell wail on his harmonica made the time pass really nicely. No eating oopses–yet!

My Cycling Log

March 26, 2007

It’s time for me to get back in shape–it’s been a few years since I’ve been really fit. I need some public accountability to hold me to my training as well as diet. Therefore, I’ve made this public blog to log my daily cycling regimen as well as any oopses when it comes to my intake. I’ll be logging mileage, time and top speed for days on the road. I’ll be logging time and cadence for days on the trainer. My aim is for 6 days per week, with mileage increasing every week.